Toby's New Coach
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 2010 (filmed)

January 16th, 2013 (released)

Written by sidejackson
Directed by sidejackson
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James and the Tunnel Trouble Thomas' Special Guest


Toby and Henrietta have been working together for a long time; even before they came to Sodor. Every day, Toby and Henrietta take the workmen up to the quarry to work.

One day, Toby was taking Henrietta and a goods train down to the junction. There is a hill before the junction, so Toby has a diffculty climbing it. Toby begins up the hill as fast as he can, but the train is heavy and the coupling snaps. The train races down the hill and crashes into a siding. Toby is horrified and scared for Henrietta. Soon, Edward arrives with the breakdown train and Sir Topham Hatt. He surveys the damage; the buffers are destroyed and a few trucks are damaged. Henrietta is badly damaged as well and is sent to the Works leaving Toby with no coach to work with. Sir Topham Hatt promises Toby a temparary coach.

The next day, the temporary coach arrives. Toby backs down onto her and the workmen start to get in. but the coach offends Toby because of his looks. The coach keeps on insulting the railway until she has enough and stops. Toby's crew tries to reason with coach, but she wouldn't move. The fireman telephones for help and Bertie arrives to take the workmen to the quarry while Toby took the coach back to the yard.

That night, Toby apologizes to Sir Topham Hatt, but he doesn't mind. He explains that the coach was bad and that Henrietta is fixed and will return to work. The next day, Henrietta came back and the work was better than usual. Percy sees them at Knapford and is pleased to see that they're united.



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