Season 1 is the first and so far only season of the series.


  1. James and the Tunnel Trouble - James teases Henry for being bricked up in a tunnel, but soon runs out of water in the same tunnel
  2. Toby's New Coach - Henrietta has been in an accident, so a rude coach takes her place, much to Toby's dismay.
  3. Thomas' Special Guest - A guest keeps on telling Thomas that his controller should scrap him.
  4. Luck of the Scottish - James thinks Donald and Douglas are Irish instead of Scottish.
  5. Don't be Quick - Gordon tries to be a speed demon to prove Henry wrong.
  6. Wet Letters - Some of Percy's post falls into a river and no one knows where the post went.
  7. Edward's Jammed Brakes - Bill and Ben tease Edward for having jammed brakes.
  8. Oliver's Mail Train - After Percy has an accident, Oliver is sent to deliver the post even though he doesn't want to and comes up with a plan to get back to the Little Western.
  9. Haunted Jobs - Oliver is away, Mavis is sent to do Percy's jobs even now the engines the jobs are haunted.
  10. Gordon and the Farmer's Visitor - Fordon is tricked into thinking cattle is a special visitor.
  11. The Moaning Duck - Duck's boiler has a crack in it, and the big engines start to make fun of him.
  12. A Friend with a Plead - Bertie teases Thomas for all of the accidents that the engines have had recently.
  13. Trickity Track - James has to deliver a goods train over a bumpy piece of track.
  14. Bill and the Coaches - Bill has to work with coaches even Bill hates coaches.
  15. BoCo and the Guard - When BoCo pulls the express, he leaves the guard behind.
  16. Brake Van Troubles - Henry thinks that brakevans just add weight to the train and makes a plan to get rid of one.
  17. Diesel Danger - Gordon's dislike begins to rub off on Percy and calls Mavis "hazardous."
  18. Inspector Troubles - Bill and Ben make an inspector upset and now they are afraid that they'll be sent away.
  19. The Plumber's Express - Henry is embarassed to be pulling a train of plumbers
  20. The New Fuel - Gordon has an accident with some fuel tankers after being rude to BoCo.
  21. Toby's Surprise Party - Lady Hatt organizes a surprise party for Sir Topham Hatt and Toby tries to keep him away from Knapford.
  22. Hooray for Oliver - Oliver rescues Thomas after an accident.
  23. Things in Water - Henry and Oliver tease Duck for when he had a mishap with fish.
  24. Quarry Trucks - James has to deal with the most troublesome trucks of all.
  25. Market Day - Thomas has some mishaps with cattle.
  26. The Vicar's Party - Bertie is sad to hear that will take the children to the Vicar's new party.
  27. Terence and George - George paves over Terence's field.
  28. Twin Races - Donald and Douglas start to argue, so they decide to race.
  29. Pride of Sodor - Thomas thinks he's the "Pride of Sodor."

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