James and the Tunnel Trouble
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date July 1st, 2010
Written by sidejackson
Directed by sidejackson
Episode guide
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Unknown Toby's New Coach

James and the Tunnel Trouble is believed to be the first episode despite that it's a prototype..


One day, James pulls into Knapford. The coaches have beenc cross so James was in a bad mood. James was to take a goods train and that just makes him madder. When he arrives at the yards, the trucks giggle at James. James is fuming when the shunter fastens the coupling.

James decides to bump the trucks for fun. The trucks didn't like this one bit. They try to get him back, but James always ruin the trucks' plans. Finally, James puffs into the next station where Henry is waiting. Henry just chuckles when James tells when what happened so James reminds of the time he got bricked up in his tunnel. Henry is furious as James puffs away.

James passes the viaduct and has to take a drink at the water tower but there is a sign on the tower saying "Out of Order." James is crosser than ever now. James' crew are worried if James will get to the big station or not. Soon, they approach Henry's Tunnel and the trucks start to hold back. James enters the tunnel and he runs out of water.

James' driver calls for help and reports to James that Henry will help him to the big station. James is embarassed as Henry arrives. That night, James is quiet. Gordon sings a song about James' misfortune. All of the engines think it's funny except James.



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